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Agri exports constitute 10 per cent of the country’s exports and are the 4th largest exported principal commodity. However, the share of India in the global trade is only close to 2 per cent. There is a need to attain cost competitiveness, economic scale of production, introduce technological interventions to have a substantial share in the global market. Furthermore, Indian agriculture sector lacks an export orientation which is sustained when complemented with a sizeable processing industry, strong domestic market and uniformity in quality. As India lacks in these requirements, agri export potential has not been fully tapped despite being at the forefront of production of various agri commodities.

In order to achieve the true potential and increase Agro-food exports, it is important to understand various trade barriers, so that strategic plan can be implemented effectively and efficiently. Taking this forward, Indian Council of Agri Exports (IAEC) is announcing Agriaxis, an initiative which will host series of agro-food export focused webinars and will be ideal platform to discuss opportunities and challenges in Indian Agriculture exports, along with possible solutions and suggestions. Agriaxis aims at re-structuring, redefining and refining existing procedures and guiding conversations to move from discussing problems to developing solutions that are scalable.

The objectives: -

Our prime focus would be to promote ease of doing business by understanding global market requirements and establishing standards. Hence, it will be our continuous efforts: -

  • To address policy issues with concerned Ministries
  • To explore untapped market potential and their challenges
  • Mapping customer requirements
  • To promote organic products
  • To ensure Skill Development - Undertaking training and capacity building programs
  • To promote Quality in Pre & Post harvest activities, logistics and processing

Webinar on Addressing Challenges in Post-Production Agri-Logistics

Friday, 16th April 2021 | 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Indian agriculture sector has demonstrated remarkable progress from the contribution of incentivizing policy framework along with research. However, the success of production segment of agri-enterprise only amounts to half success. The post-production segment of agri-enterprise (agri-logistics) has not received adequate attention until earlier this year. With the announcement of Union Budget 2020-21 which laid special emphasis on the creation of an efficient logistics framework for the sector and national cold supply chain and development of warehouses on PPP basis, now there are substantial opportunities for stakeholders across the agri logistics supply chain.

Agri-logistics assumes greater importance for agri-exports. The need for scientific post-production management is obligatory to ensure that maximum quantum of production can reach and fulfil domestic as well as foreign market demands, and thereby add to farmers’ income. Agri-logistics adds value to the goods by making them available at the right place and at the right time to the right consumer.

However, poor logistics facilities coupled with low levels of service are a barrier to foreign trade. Greater value to farmers and exporters will arrive through assigning emphasis on post-production activities that connect the farm harvest to global markets for value realisation. Taking this forward, India Agri-Export Council is organizing a Webinar on " Addressing Challenges in Post-Production Agri-Logistics" to deliberate on the emerging need of a comprehensive agri-logistics framework to accelerate Indian agri-export, discuss key challenges and inefficiencies and highlight recent developments and new initiatives.

Topics of Discussion: -
  • Supply chain management
  • The availability of quality packing material
  • Warehousing/cold chain and transportation challenges
  • The need and importance of automation and digitization of the processes
  • Port Clearances issues
  • Cancellations of orders , slowdown in cargo movements
  • Volatile freight rates in the peak season.

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