About ICFA

Indian Council of Food and Agriculture is the apex body in India, working on business, policy and development agenda and serving as global platform for trade facilitation, partnerships, technology and agribusiness services. A proactive approach helps ICFA in discerning critical challenges emerging in Indian agriculture along with creating opportunities for development, value addition and international trade to accelerate growth in food and agriculture sector globally. With its 27 industry Working Groups and sector specific Business Councils, ICFA represents the interests of key stakeholders at the national level and through its international platforms and partnerships, ICFA facilitates India’s global engagement in food and agriculture sector.

For enhanced sustainability, food safety and quality standards, ICFA has taken up the Agriculture Stewardship Program by launching Healthy Food Initiative program and Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) project. In a short period of two years, the Council has signed up MoUs with the University of California, University of Maryland, Michigan State University, Iowa State University, Western Australia University, German Agribusiness Alliance, Borlaug Institute for South Asia, African Asian Rural Development Organization and IFPRI etc. Through international partnerships, ICFA envisions to mobilise technologies and investments that will catalyse agribusiness and agri start- ups. The 20 Member ICFA Board has distinguished luminaries with the Pioneer of India’s Green Revolution, Prof MS Swaminathan as its Patron.