जिला कृषि परिषद्

District Agriculture Council



Indian Council of Food and Agriculture is an apex body with a mandate for policy research and trade facilitation, enterprise development and farm services, mobilizing resources. expertise and investments; and to act as global platform for partnerships in food and agriculture sector towards empowering farmers. Towards this larger objective, ICFA has initiated creation of District Agriculture Councils to act as institutional platforms for interaction among farmers and key stakeholders and bring them on one platform for collective expertise and shared vision towards accelerated district agriculture development. The District Agriculture Council will serve as a powerful platform for setting development agenda, sharing information and connecting farmers with the schemes, technologies, value chain, trade, institutional support and markets for much needed support at the district level.

Dr Gurbachan Singh

Dr Gurbachan Singh

Former Chairman, ASRB


Empowering farmers and augmenting their incomes by providing them information, services and support platform; and strengthening their grassroots level connect with knowledge, technologies, trade, industry, institutions, agribusinesses and markets through district level stakeholder network support and national level resource and connectivity.


To create and provide for the farming community at the district level an interface and a platform enabled in terms of knowledge, technical knowhow, policy expertise and community leadership through stakeholders' participation to catalyze transformational changes in agri-food economic ecosystem of the district.



  • To create awareness on major programs, schemes and opportunities, and to promote cooperation among the key stakeholders by regular events and consultations at district level
  • To promote innovations and adoption of successful farming and agribusiness models on larger scale by bringing national and global expertise and proven models for adoption and replication
  • To be the platform for farmers' services, and to execute agricultural projects, entrepreneurship programs and farming ventures in collaboration with the Government and private sector
  • To forge linkages with the industry, institutions, banks and development bodies to promote commodity and crop specic professional groups to work on value chain and market connect
  • Exploiting complementarities with the public and private sector in agri-food integration and value chain development in the district to enhance private sector involvement and investments
  • Strengthening agri-services, extension mechanisms and marketing support through close stakeholder participation, and ICT enabled services towards empowering

Composition of the Council

District Agriculture Councils have a Governing Board, comprised of 50 members with a Chairman, two co-chair and a convener, who are nominated by the ICFA headquarters. Members of the DAC are recommended by the Chairman and Co-chairs and conrmed by the ICFA HQ.

  • Members
  • Progressive Farmers 15
  • Public Representatives 10
  • Business and Industry 10
  • Banks and Institutions 10
  • Experts 5

All the related ofcials at the district headquarters are nominated as Special Invitees. The Council Board may be increased to a maximum of 70 in special cases. In addition to the District Governing Board Members, there will be Executive Members 50 from a block and General Members 500 from each block.