Launch of India Agri Export Council

About Us

India Agri Export Council was launched in 2019 by Indian Chamber of Food and Agriculture (ICFA) with objective to work with concerned stakeholders (States, Central, Exporters, Farmers, Institutes, Academia, Startups) to promote production stewardship, stimulate sustainable collaborations across the board towards robust export growth thus becoming a major global agri-exporter.

IAEC is a common platform for the exporters and other key stakeholders to discuss their challenges that may arise out of domestic policies or global instabilities, and formulate appropriate strategies and action plans. IAEC will take up the issues of the Indian exporters to a larger audience, facilitating a collective bargaining potential and exploring newer opportunities. The Council also seeks to work with the farmers in helping improve cost and quality, provide with GAP certifications and connect them with exporters.


To promote product stewardship, stimulate sustainable collaborations, alliances and networks across all the stakeholders engaged in the agri-export towards robust growth thus becoming a major global agri-exporter.


To serve as a national platform for agri-exporters and key stakeholders for sustainability and quality production, GAP certification, traceability and providing support ecosystem.


  • To focus on building collaborative approach for promoting export by creation of product specic clusters to build capacity of small farmers and ensuring standards and quality for exports through certication
  • To offer investors, venture funds, investment companies and other key finance intermediaries a first-hand insight into agri export
  • To diversify the export basket, destinations and boost high value agri exports and establish Brand India globally
  • To represent the interests of the key stakeholders at the national level and organize trade meetings, sending and receiving agri business delegations from various countries
  • To help making advances in developing climate-resilient agriculture, promoting GAP certification, block chain technologies and shaping business models around the needs of smallholder farmers in India, offering better value and supporting crop diversity
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IAEC strives to shape its objectives into fruitful work areas with the support of it’s Partners, Board and Corporate members and will be undertaking following activities-

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