Working Group on
Eco Agriculture and Bio Products

The Sustainable Development Goals, endorsed by the United Nations, profoundly emphasize moving away from the current heavy input agricultural system to more eco-friendly and balanced farming. Eco Agriculture or Agro Ecology is capable of producing enough food in a sustainable manner… without harming the environment. It incorporates the term ‘Organic Farming’ which is often conveyed as a production and marketing model and offers all inclusive elements to manage the agro system. Eco Agriculture is therefore being recognized as the most critical and essential desideratum for an environment friendly future.

Fortunately, our awareness and knowledge for this urgency has escalated during the last few decades. Almost all world forums are instigating and encouraging the transformation of theories from the laboratories to actual practices and demonstrated applications. In accordance, ICFA visualizes this Working Group to play a vital role in drafting a road map and action plan for ushering in the impending ‘Ever Green’ - Eco Agriculture Revolution in a sustainable manner.

Recognizing the significance of organic farming and bio-products for health, environment, biodiversity preservation and sustainability of human civilization, Indian Council of Food and Agriculture has launched a Working Group on Eco Agriculture and Bio products
Padma Shree Dr MH Mehta
Chairman The Science Ashram
Mr JS Khorakiwala
Managing Director Biostadt India
Dr Krishan Chandra
Director NCOF
  • Principal Scientist (Agro-Ecosystems), Head-Geoinformatics Unit
  • Representative India, Global Organic Textile Standard
  • Senior Fellow & Convener, Plant Biotech & Sustainable Agri, TERI
  • COO, Gujarat Life Sciences
  • Editor, Pure & Eco India
  • CMD, National Research Development Corporation
  • Co-Founder & Director, Grow Well Organic & Eco Products
  • Managing Director, Zydex Industries
  • President, Borlaug Farmers Association
  • India Representative, Food and Agriculture Organization FAO
  • Organic Farming Expert, NCOF
  • Author – Natueco Farming, NGO - Organic Farming
  • Country Head, Acadian Plant Health
  • Joint Director, PDS Organic Spices
  • Vice Chancellor, SD Agricultural University
  • Chief Executive Officer, Zytex Biotech
  • Vice President Organics, RoundGlass Partners
  • Chairman - AP & Telangana, Bamboo Society of India
  • Managing Director, Organic Wellness
  • GM - Tech and Devt , International Panaacea
  • Managing Director, Biotech International
  • Vice President, Asia , Agrinos India
  • Founder Director, Inhana Organic Research Fdn
  • Director & CEO, Nature Pearls Pvt Ltd
  • CEO, Aryan International
  • Founder & CEO, Armon International
  • Executive Director, Women’s Action for Development (WAFD)
  • Organic Farming Expert, Advisor to Mr Narendra Modi
  • CEO, Chetna Vikas Swarajya Trust
  • Managing Director, Solidaridad Network
  • VP Indian Micronutrient Manufac Assn, Multiplex Group - MD
  • Managing Director, Sresta Natural Bioproducts
  • CEO, OneCert International
  • Managing Director, 3B Biotech
  • Global Corporate Affairs Director, Valagro
  • President, Acadian Plant Health
  • CEO, Agrigenome Limited
  • Mayank Singhal MD, PI Industries
  • Managing Director, Stevia Biotech
  • President, Organic Farming Association of India
  • Former DDG – NRM, ICAR
  • Scientist, MSSRF
  • VP & Founder Director, Reliance Fresh
  • Organic Farming Expert, Green Organics
  • Managing Director, Clover Organic
  • Director of Research, Anand Agricultural University
  • Director SEWA, Self Employed Women’s Association
  • CEO, Organic India
  • Director, Directorate of Biological Control
  • Managing Director, Koraput Organic
  • Head PPMC, VC Office, University of Agricultural Sciences
  • President, National Academy of Sciences
  • Owner, Saguna Baug
  • Executive Secretary, Indian Agricultural Universities Association
  • Managing Director, Biocert International
Stimulate Eco-Agriculture practices that catalyse sustainable productivity with natural resource management, biodiversity, innovation, capacity building, awareness and policy reforms
To be a coordinator across stakeholders enabling an interface by organizing workshops, seminars, policy dialogues on various critical aspects of organic agriculture. The forum will follow up on important recommendations with concerned national and international agencies; facilitate farmer’s sensitization; promote quality certification infrastructure and international collaborations.
  • To organize workshops, seminars, policy dialogues on challenges and opportunities for growth and development of Eco Agriculture and Bio Products.
  • Follow up on actionable reforms and recommendations including those from earlier important reports with the concerned Ministries and National / International agencies.
  • To collate and document potential areas in the states for future investments and product development based on regional comparative advantages.
  • To provide a platform for international collaborations and consultancy services to the developing countries and undertake action research and documentation of best model for furthering developmental reforms.
  • To bring out occasional papers on innovative strategies based on action research, and present them to the nodal agencies and departments in Government of India / States.
  • To facilitate international partnerships and provide a platform for various national and international corporates to share their success stories and experiences and provide expert consultancies for good agriculture practices.
  • To strengthen the network for developing infrastructure and skill, mobilization of investments, technologies and promoting agro trade.
  • To promote public private sector partnerships and facilitate entrepreneurships development at all levels for comprehensive growth of Eco Agriculture.
  • A huge potential to bring in Eco Agri Revolution which is capable of producing enough food and accessible food without harming the environment.
  • Playing a key role in COP – 22 requirement.
  • New opportunity for a large number of R & D based agri bio industries – creation of appropriate infrastructure and a large number of enterprises all over the country.
  • Eco Village - Clean Village using farm agro waste to high value Bio Composts for improving soil health and water security.
  • Sustainable and thriving agriculture for the coming years. Playing a key role for hunger free and sustainable farming for the developing world… especially Asia and Africa.
  • Developing and producing the range of eco-friendly agri bio inputs which are cost effective and eco-friendly.
  • Setting up a cluster of new generation, agri bio inputs companies / co-operatives.
  • Farm demonstrations under different agro climatic conditions.
  • Creating large scale awareness and reaching out to smallest farmers.
  • Quality standardization and uniformity and market link ups.
  • Creating a model for Eco Agri Revolution.