India Agri Growth Summit

Role of States in Transformation of Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is the mainstay of the Indian economy. While rapid agriculture growth made India a food secure nation, the food availability and accessibility, and the recent agrarian agony is not hidden from anyone. The PM’s vision of doubling farmers’ incomes by 2022 is undoubtedly praiseworthy and provides an opportunity to take the performance of Indian agriculture to a new level. In aiding India to become a USD 5 Trillion economy before 2025, plans will be on boosting Agriculture sector to USD 1 trillion along with other sectors. The call to doubling agri exports to $60 billion by 2022and to $100 billion by 2025-26 can be seen in light of this and the States have critical role in augmenting the growth momentum and complimenting the central initiatives in India achieving a 5 trillion USD target by 2025 with agriculture playing an important role.

The fulfillment of this vision would require a series of interventions to improve production and productivity along with economizing the cost of production. This would also require India to augment its exports to ensure that farmers get a remunerative price and a marketing channel for their production. The interventions would aim at an advocacy role for these reforms through its stakeholders and bodies promoting agricultural exports. The states have been responsible for breakthroughs in agriculture and linking the farmers to the national and global market. State governments have been playing an enabling role, focusing on fostering agriculture growth with efficient marketing and administrative support to farmers. Now is the time that they will have to focus on safe production systems, GAP certification and export infrastructure and value chain development.

In consonance with the objective of doubling farmer’s income, the state Governments have to play proactive role for the accelerated development and expansion of agriculture. The State Governments have realized the importance of integrating the farmers with the global supply chain and the value which can accrue to the farmer in terms of the awareness relating to good agricultural practices, traceability, precision agriculture, digital farming and scientific management, higher productivity and higher realization. Thus, integration of farmers to the global best practices and the advanced technologies and services and farmer-industry partnerships is crucial to accelerating the growth, value addition and in achieving the target of doubling of the farmers’ income by 2022.

Scaling up such initiatives across states, while pursuing low-hanging agricultural reforms, can help doubling the farmers’ incomes and pushing the agri exports of India, while providing incentives for businesses to invest and partner across agri value chain. To discuss the role the contribution of the states, emerging challenges and opportunities, and to facilitating them to holistic approach to agriculture development, ICFA is organizing India Agri Growth Summit to deliberate on the role of states in development of agriculture sector.

India Agri Growth Summit will bring all the states and concerned stakeholders on single platform to engage in deliberations while advancing towards a progressive regulation, seamless inflow of the information to create awareness and understanding among masses and effective advocacy, keeping global trends and emerging market, policy and technology paradigm into account. The event will provide opportunity to states to share their policy initiatives, best practices and success models among other states and with important stakeholders so as to allow cross pollination of ideas in order to attract investments, linkages and partnerships and also achieve overall growth. The best performing States will be presented the Policy Leadership Awards in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, AHD&P, fisheries, innovations and marketing.

Underscoring the role of districts in agriculture development, ICFA is documenting district specific technological interventions, program implementation and success models to address location specific problems of agriculture. In order to encourage districts and translate this into action, ICFA will be bestowing District Excellence Awards for their exceptional works in the field of agriculture, horticulture, livestock, rural development and functional areas of agriculture, success models created and achievements in programs implementation. The District Excellence Awards aim at felicitating district administrations, organizations and individuals for their contributions. These awards, besides recognizing merit and accomplishments will help to trigger a healthy competition among districts to attain yet higher level of excellence.

States and district administrations play an important role in nurturing and properly implementing the agriculture development schemes. Inclusion of State Government and district administrations is important to address a whole range of issues which could potentially propel India into the top bracket of agricultural export. In addition to this, recognizing the efforts of States and districts is equally important in valuing their contributions by which they strive to align with the nation’s overarching goals. ICFA with this platform will bring Centre, State and district stakeholders and the industry and institutions together moving forward achieving the national vision of doubling farmer’s income.


Sharing global scenario, emerging trends, developments, challenges and opportunities and their implications for the States

Discuss the global and national policy, technology and business environment for agriculture, food trade and agribusinesses

Supporting the States with digital technologies, agri services, support ecosystem, investments and partnerships to accelerate growth

Sharing success stories by farmers, agri entrepreneurs and by the Government department and districts to be replicated

Providing platform to the states to ideate, showcase innovation and best practices, and discuss their applications to other states

Leveraging states leadership and their economic strength, to connect the global investors

Recognize the District administrations and individuals for their success stories and outstanding roles at the district level