State Policy Awards and District Excellence Awards

Agriculture sector employs more than 50% of Indian population. It continues to be vital for economic growth and social transformation. India has emerged as a major player in global agriculture market. The policies such as globalization and liberalization have also opened avenues for agriculture modernization which has led to market diversification, triggering technological innovations. Moreover, the steady investments from central government and corporate entities coupled with contribution of states for setting development agenda, sharing information and connecting farmers with the schemes, technologies, value chain, trade, institutional support and markets in scaling up initiatives and empowering farmers to advance towards greater prosperity across blocks and districts of the country is commendable.

This strengthening of grassroots level connect of farmers with knowledge, agribusiness and technologies through national and states level support and connectivity is truly playing an enabling role in making India an innovation and knowledge based economy. However, India lacks a mechanism to recognize the efforts and the work undertaken by Indian States and district administration in ensuring translation of government programs, policies and initiatives into actions, extension work, delivery of inputs, quality enforcement, empowering farmers and to realize the humongous yet achievable target of making India, a USD 5 Trillion economy.

Enormous work has been done in the past few years by State Governments to transform the agriculture and allied sectors in India. The role of the States in driving the growth and value-added transformation of India’s farm sector is commendable. Hence, the State Excellence Awards have been instituted by ICFA to recognize the states for their policies and programs and implementing central sector schemes, and thus bringing about transformational development in agriculture sector. Responding to the need at the national level to recognize the contributions of State in agriculture, ICFA is bestowing State Policy Awards 2020 to states for their outstanding innovation, promoting sustainable agriculture practices and leading in policy leadership. The Awards measure performance and provide detailed feedback for opportunities to excel while maintaining strong competition and high standards of excellence.

In addition to this, ICFA will be presenting District Excellence Awards acknowledging the unfading efforts and contribution of districts of various states of the country in playing catalytic role in delivering programs and policies, implementing schemes, and thus boosting Indian agrarian economy and in bringing metamorphosis in Indian agriculture landscape. ICFA is taking a significant step to motivate districts of India to keep reaching milestones and achieving excellence in implementation of programs and schemes in agriculture and rural development.

Policy Leadership Awards 2020

  • Best Agriculture State
  • Best Horticulture State
  • Best Animal Husbandry State
  • Best Fisheries State
  • Best State in Innovative Programs
  • Best State in Agro Infrastructure
  • Best State in Agro Marketing

District Excellence Awards 2020

  • Best District in Horticulture
  • Best District in Fisheries
  • Best District in Poultry
  • Best District in Dairy
  • Best District in Productivity
  • Best District in Agribusiness
  • Best District in Precision Farming
  • Best District in Water Management
  • Best District in Watershed Management
  • Best District in New Initiatives
  • Best District in Innovative Programs
  • Best District in Organic Farming
  • Best District in FPO formation
  • Best District in Cooperatives
  • Best District in Rural Livelihood Programs