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ICFA All India Progressive Farmers Alliance (AIPFA)

India is predominantly agriculture country with farmers constituting 50% of its population. The issues faced by the farmers range from state to state and crop to crop, but in general procurement of produce and fluctuating market prices and production losses due to vagaries of nature are the most potent issues that leads to agitations and suicide deaths of farmers. In addition, the lack of timely credit from the institutions, leading to higher cost private loans, spurious inputs, which fail crops and poor social security net are the key concerns. But their issues and agenda remain largely unattended, even though various farmers groups, social and political outfits do voice their concerns, but an organized efforts at the national and state levels, for setting their agenda, coordination across groups and taking up research based advocacy for farmers has been lacking for a long time. ICFA has been organizing meeting of farmers bodies from time to time, and with that experience has created All India Farmers Alliance to take on board all the key farmers organisations towards addressing the long felt need. AIPFA has 30 plus farmers organistaions out of 40 or so major bodies, working nationally. AIPFA plans to expand its ambit to include more organisations working for farmers at various levels. AIPFA as a national convener and four regional convener and its board has heads of all key farmers organisations.