Our Objectives

  • To be the apex body at the national level, acting as think tank, policy research and advocacy centre, trade facilitation body, development enterprise and national resource centre for food and agriculture sector; and to give voice to various stakeholders; farmers, agri professionals, trade, industry, research and development sectors.
  • To act as the monitoring centre and watch-dog for the national and international developments in food and agriculture sector, and to positively influence policies, trade negotiations and development cooperation towards protecting interests of farmers and the industry alike as also to promote the opportunities for small farmers and agri business ventures in this sector.
  • To be the global platform for partnerships in food and agriculture to promote trade, investments and technologies and startup ventures in farm sector; and promote programs of GAP, food safety, environmental sustainability and agricultural stewardships towards promoting eco-agriculture and accelerating the growth of agribusinesses and food trade.
  • To create awareness and understanding on major issues in food and agriculture sector and promote cooperation among the major stake-holders by organizing business meets, technical consultations, conferences and trade platforms; and promote innovations and adoption of successful farming and agribusiness models on larger scale and facilitate visits of trade and official delegations between India and other countries.
  • To be the national platform for agri services and farmers empowement, and to entrepreneurship programs and agro-food ventures; and forging linkages with the industry, institutions and development bodies to promote commodity specific professional groups; and to act as apex facilitation body to further the cause of farmers and key stake-holders involved in food, agriculture and agribusinesses.